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All members MUST do AT LEAST one help day a year to remain ORC members. 

Without helpers we cannot continue to run our events.  A small handful of ORC members do more than their fair share of volunteering at help days and it is only fitting that ALL members do their bit and follow this policy.

Each time we have an event, Fiona requests Helpers for that event, so if you are free, please get in touch.


If any member asks to be booked on events at specific times, and/or teamed up with certain people, we will do our best to meet those requests.  However, it may not be possible where everyone wants the same time.  The organisation of any given event depends on numbers and rider ability. 

When you book any event, please look at the Start-End times and before booking please ensure you are free for allocation of ANY of the times within that window.  Also, you may find yourself on an allocated time with any riders, rather than the friends you choose to be on with.

We do like to promote this latter idea, as it helps the Club remain more interactive and social with a wider range of riders, rather than becoming a "cliquey", closed club.

We do our best to match riders up, especially when sharing transport, so do let it be known know if that is the case.

You will find that by sharing events with ORC members outside your  immediate circle of friends, the Club will enable you to meet with new like-minded people.  A primary aim of the Club is to give you the opportunity to get to know all Club members in a friendly, happy setting.


Please note once booked on a clinic or competition, if you are unable to attend you will still be charged/invoiced to ensure all costs of the day are covered.  With this policy, as all our clinic prices are offered at very low rates, this can only be achieved by implementing the above.

With these policies and thoughts in mind, can we thank you all in advance for your future help in assisting the smooth running of the Club, and to ensure our events diary can continue going ahead with success.

Your ORC committee do realise that these issues have probably only arisen due to lack of knowledge of these policies and we are keen to ensure all members are aware and it is clear to everyone should the issues arise again.

Happy Riding everyone.

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